Campfire 2 Candlelight

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Est. 2019

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Natural Herbs

I found a passion for cooking a little later in life than most. Personally finding the kitchen a peaceful, tranquil place were I can lose myself for hours cooking up everything from scratch. My love for experimenting in the kitchen & encouragement from the bellies I feed  made me realize that in the busy world we live in today, most people do not have the same passion or time to spend  prepping & cooking for hours. My goal is  to bring a variety of savory herb mixes, flavors & marinades to everyone's table. I believe even a novias cook in the kitchen can produce gourmet meals with a little help & the right tools put in their hands. My hope is that with the Campfire 2 Candlelight Marinades & Seasonings, you will find the Gourmet in you.